Hospitals and healthcare providers are a vital part of every community, providing care for the injured and sick, as well as looking out for the health and wellness of the population . . . but there is perhaps no other industry as highly regulated, complicated to operate, and prone to potential law suits.  From HIPAA to EMTALA to TJC and CMS  – the acronyms, and the regulations and guidelines, abound.

Battle Winslow has a group of attorneys who focus on healthcare law, and who provide a comprehensive range of services to large and small healthcare providers including hospitals, nursing homes, physician groups and other medical practitioners. Our areas of expertise range from staffing and personnel, organizational development, HIPAA and other health information laws, fraud and abuse, and administrative and regulatory compliance.

One of our founders, Kemp Battle, was instrumental in the formation of Nash General Hospital, which has since grown into Nash Health Care Systems. 

Battle Winslow is widely considered one of North Carolina’s most experienced firms practicing in the healthcare arena.


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