Practice Areas Arbitration and Mediations

In some cases, mediation or arbitration are appropriate to resolve conflicts or disputes. Battle Winslow represents clients in these proceedings of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) when traditional litigation might not be the sole option.

Mediation is the process when a neutral third party (the mediator) attempts to facilitate an agreed upon resolution of a dispute. We help guide clients through this process as they reach informal resolution outside of court. Mediation has proved itself to be a very effective and cost saving way to resolve business and other types of disputes.

Arbitration is the process of substituting a neutral arbitrator (or panel of arbitrators) for the traditional judge and jury.  We counsel our clients while acting as an advocate for their needs in the process of presenting their cases to the neutral third party for resolution.

Many business contracts contain provisions requiring arbitration and/or mediation, and many courts now require these alternative dispute resolution procedures to reduce the court’s caseload. Therefore we focus on the needs of our clients so resolving these disputes are not overwhelming regardless of the circumstance.

Additionally several of our attorneys are certified mediators and experienced arbitrators who are available to provide such neutral third-party services as needed.